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Alice in Wonderland, Dali Illustrated and Signed Limited Edition, Mint Condition



Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

Illustrated and Signed by Salvador Dali

Signed Limited Edition - 61 of 2,500

Published by Maecenas Press/Random House in 1969

MINT Condition – Still in Publisher’s Original Packaging

This is a signed limited edition of "Alice in Wonderland” published by Maecenas Press/Random House, New York in 1969 in a limitation of 2500 copies with this being number 61. In their book “ The Encyclopedia of Fantasy” John Clute and John Grant commenting on Dali’s illustrations for Lewis Carroll’s timeless novel wrote, “Dalí’s twisting dreamscapes and semi-hallucinatory images superbly complement Carroll’s astonishingly inventive fantasy (first published in 1865) and exemplify the artist’s entire oeuvre. “Dalí’s images have become icons of the fantastic, signposts (not maps) that point the way inward to that realm”.

Measuring approximately 18.5” by 13”, "Alice in Wonderland" is a spectacular production that is comprised of 16 unbound sections (signatures) printed on Mandeure paper that contain the full text of “Alice in Wonderland” with each of the 12 chapters introduced with a full-page color heliogravure of the original gouache by Salvador Dali with original Remarque on each illustration. The frontispiece is an original signed etching by Salvador Dali that is printed in four colors and appears next to the title page which is also signed by Salvador Dali. The unbound sections are laid into a brown cloth portfolio which is housed in the original half-chestnut morocco leather clamshell box with leather straps and ivory fore-edge clasps. The book is stamped number 61 of 2500 on the limitation page.

The clamshell box, portfolio case, and contents are in MINT condition and still in the publisher’s original packaging. The package is contained in the original shipping box which is torn with substantial wear.

Stock photographs of the clamshell box, signature page, examples of some of the heliogravures as well as the actual clamshell box in the packaging appear in the photo section of the listing.