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An Infants Library – 31 Volumes, Limited Edition in Wooden Bookcase, 56 of 70



An Infants Library – 31 Volumes – Compiled by David Chambers

Produced by 30 Members of the PLA Society of Private Printers from Australia, England, Holland, Italy and the United States

Published by The Cuckoo Hill Press, London in 1980

Limited Edition in Wooden Bookcase – Number 56 of 70

Exceptional Condition

Limited to 70 sets with this being number 56, An Infants Library is an homage to early 19th century children's boxed libraries that was produced over a six year period by 30 members of the PLA Society of Private Printers from Australia, England, Holland, Italy and the United States. David Chambers of The Cuckoo Hill Press, London spearheaded the project and was responsible for compiling the collection which he published in 1980.

The 31 volumes are bound in decorative wrappers and are illustrated with original woodcuts, block designs, etching, artwork or reproductions from earlier sources. The books are housed within a single wooden bookcase, as issued, the sliding front panel with a pictorial paper title label by Pam G Rueter. Each volume measures 4.5” x 2.5”.

The following is the list of titles contained in the collection along with information about the volume:

1.) Animal Proverbs, Biscuit City Press, 1978: woodcuts by Fritz Eichenberg, signed by both illustrator and publisher;

2.) Het Hondengevecht, Bonnefant, 1978

3.) Das Kleine Kinder ABC Buch, Brandywine Press [their first publication], 1979, original ink drawing as frontispiece

4.) The Maiden from the 9th Heaven , Cherub Press, 1978

5.) Words on Paper, Crabgrass Press, 1978

6.) Jim's Kite, Cracked Bell Press, 1976

7.) Castellorum Arenosorum, Cuckoo Hill Press, 1980, etched frontispiece

8.) My Mysterious Father, Gogmagog Press, 1978

9.) Life on the Farm, Press of the Golden Key, 1978

10.) Tiddler to Teens, Happy Dragons Press, 1978

11.) The Making of Matilda by Laurence Housman, Invicta Press, 1979

12.) Memories of a Welsh Childhood by Lady Osborn, Keepsake Press, 1978

13.) Eatum Peatum Penny Pie, Iain Bain at the Laverock Press, [n.d.]

14.) I Spy With My Little Eye, Narbulla Agency, 1975

15.) Two Moral Tales in Verse [after Heinrich Hoffmann], Pardoe, 1979

16.) Three Little Ghostesses, Perdix Press, 1978

17.) A Printer's Insects, The Perhaps Press, 1978, with signed wood-engravings by Jeremy Lee-Potter

18.) An Apple Pie, The Plough Press, [n.d.]

19.) The Riddle , P'Nye Press, 1978

20.) Post Cards, Priapus Press, 1979

21.) The Midnight Tryst, Proverbial Press, 1978

22.) In Loco Pueri, The Pump Press, 1979

23.) Sarah the Snow Queen, Quarto Press, 1979

24.) A Bestiary for a Precocious Child, Scarlet Ibis Press, 1978

25.) Layla and Majnun, Septentrio, 1978, 3 colored linocuts

26.) Skool Rools , Susan Chambers at the Slow Camel Press, 1979

27.) A Wendy-House Rehearsal, Stilt Press, 1979

28.) London Cries, Peter Stockham, 1979

 29.) Marigold's Dream , Insegna della Tarasca, 1978

30.) A Cradle Song by Thomas Dekker, Typographeum, 1978, music by Keith Kibler.

 The 31st volume is a short history of children's boxed libraries by Brian Alderson.

The books and wooden box are in FINE condition with a minor rub to the area of the wooden case where the front panel slides into the box.

Composite photographs of the wooden case open and closed as well as the covers of 6 of the volumes appear in the photo section of the listing.