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Bibliography of The Arion Press and Separate Portfolio, Limitation of 100



Bibliography of The Arion Press: The First One Hundred Books

Includes a Separate Portfolio of 100 Leaves from Each of the 100 Titles

Arion Press, 2015, Limited Edition of 100 Sets

MINT Condition – Still in the Publisher’s Original Shipping Boxes

This is a limited edition of “Bibliography of The Arion Press: The First One Hundred Books” published by the Arion Press in 2015 with a limitation of 100 sets of the book and portfolio with an additional 300 copies of the book available for sale without the portfolio. The limitation numbers for the book and portfolio are not available because they are still in the publisher’s original shipping boxes and packaging.

About the Book

From the publisher: “This richly illustrated 308-page volume, a comprehensive documentation of nearly forty years of work, is an indispensable resource for librarians, collectors of Arion Press and other fine presses, typography enthusiasts, and all those interested in the history of the book in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries.

Generously illustrated in color, Arion’s first one hundred books (1974 to 2013) are each described in a professional bibliographical entry that includes commentary on design and production. Several pages each are devoted to landmark publications such as Moby-Dick, Ulysses, Tristram Shandy, Don Quixote, Leaves of Grass, and the folio Bible, with numerous images of the work of artists such as Robert Motherwell, John Baldessari, Wayne Thiebaud, Martin Puryear, Kara Walker, Alex Katz, and Jim Dine, among many others, reproduced.

A photo album showing locations, staff, work sessions, and publication parties over the years includes snapshots of collaborators such as Richard Brautigan, Clement Hurd, Allen Ginsberg, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Seamus Heaney, David Mamet, Bruce Conner, Kiki Smith, Robert Alter, Edward Albee, Diane Johnson, and Tom Stoppard. There is a checklist of out-of-series publications, commissioned projects, and a note on ephemera and job printing. Essays by long-time Arion editor Glenn Todd, historian Kevin Starr, book dealer Peter Kraus, and publisher Andrew Hoyem place Arion Press in the context of the publishing, art world, bibliophilic, and crafts movements of our time. There is an index.”

The book measures 11.5” x 8” and contains 308 pages. The types are Cycles and Arepo, designed by Sumner Stone. The paper is Mohawk Superfine. The offset lithography was done under the supervision of Susan Schaefer. The binding is full cloth over boards with endpapers printed by letterpress from ornaments cast by Mackenzie & Harris, presented in a full cloth slipcase.

About the Portfolio of Leaves from Each of the 100 Books in the Bibliography

From the publisher: The set of leaves from the one hundred books, each imprinted with its publication number in brackets, with a title and documentation sheet, are housed in an acid-free box with title label on the top lid. Historically, bibliographies of fine presses have contained reproductions of pages from the books. Our predecessor, the Grabhorn Press, in its three-volume Bibliography (1940, 1956, 1977) tipped-in actual leaves or reprinted pages from selected publications. We decided to illustrate this bibliography with color photographs of each publication and to provide complete sets of leaves from all the books as an option for our avid collectors and for libraries wanting to use this material for exhibitions. The leaves are identified by publication number, imprinted in brackets, generally in the lower right corner. The publications are listed below in chronological order. Some books are represented by single leaves, many by four-page signatures or eight, twelve, sixteen, or twenty pages, including illustrations, prints, and photographs. The largest item, one of the color plates from Birds of the Pacific Slope, #20, has been slightly cut down to fit the box. Two items, for The Apocalypse, #10, and The Boobus and the Bunnyduck, #80, had to be reprinted for inclusion. The Jim Dine woodblock print from The Apocalypse had been cancelled, and thus is not an original print, and the type for the text on reverse has been reset; however, the paper is the French handmade Richard de Bas Apta wove from the 1982 edition, printed damp. The leaves are placed in the box by size, not in chronological order, because the formats of the books vary greatly, an arrangement that saves space and also protects the leaves from damage in handling and transport.”

View the PDF listing of the set of 100 leaves contained in the Portfolio

The book and portfolio are in MINT condition and still in the publisher’s original shipping boxes and packaging. Accompanying the book and portfolio is the original prospectus.

A composite photograph of the publisher’s stock images of the book and slipcase as well as the Ulysses entry and photographs contained in the book appear in the photo section of the listing.

About the Arion Press

Since its inception in 1974, the Arion Press has published 118 deluxe limited editions that are breathtaking in their scope and artistry. Combining notable literature illustrated with original artwork from prominent artists, Andrew Hoyem and his team at the Arion Press have carried on the tradition of the livre d’artiste in spectacular fashion. Michael Kimmelman of the New York Times put it best when he wrote, "The Arion Press produces some of the most beautiful limited-edition, hand printed books in the world."