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Christian Symbols by Rudolf Koch, Illustrated with 158 Emblems, Arion Press



Christian Symbols by Rudolf Koch and Fritz Kredel

Illustrated with 158 Emblems Drawn by Rudolf Koch and Fritz Kredel

Arion Press, 1996

FINE Condition

This is an open edition of “Christian Symbols” published by the Arion Press in 1996. From the publisher, “Christian Symbols is a valuable collection of religious emblems that had been long out-of-print. Similar to Koch's and Kredel's well-known and primarily secular Book of Signs, this collection of images from the history of Christianity was first published in Germany, between 1932 and 1935, as set of plates presented in folders. Arion reproduced all 158 sheets as a bound book, reducing the scale to ninety percent. An English translation of the German text is provided. Rudolf Koch (1878-1934) was an artist of broad and profound accomplishment, best-known for his type design and calligraphy. He was prolific in the ecclesiastical arts, producing, with his arts-and-crafts group, many beautiful objects that incorporated these symbols. Koch's intention was that Christian Symbols be used freely, as a source-book for artists, designers, scholars, and churches. The Arion edition is copyright free.”

Measuring 11” x 7.75.25” and containing 76 pages, the book is bound in cloth over boards enclosed in a slipcase with blue and magenta wrap-around label. The original texts and images are printed by letterpress from photopolymer plates. The type for the foreword and appendix was set by photocomposition in Kabel, a typeface designed by Rudolf Koch. The paper is acid-free Mohawk Vellum.

Accompanying the book is the original prospectus.

The book is in FINE condition with no flaws and the slipcase is in Near FINE condition with some generalized surface wear.

Photographs of the binding and slipcase, prospectus, and an image from the book contained in the prospectus appear in the photo section of the listing.

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