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Yamamoto Masao, 15 Signed Platinum and Silver Gelatin Prints, 21st Editions



Yamamoto Masao

Photography by Yamamoto Masao, Text and Poetry by John Wood

21st Editions, 2010, Signed Limited Edition, 24 of 40

12 Signed Original Hand Printed Platinum Prints

3 Signed Free-Standing Silver Gelatin Prints

MINT Condition

History: In 2010, fine press photography book publisher 21st Editions released Yamamoto Masao. Limited to 40 deluxe copies worldwide, the hand-bound collection contains 12 original signed platinum prints and three stand-alone signed silver gelatin prints that are suitable for framing.  Each print is signed in Kanji by Yamamoto Masao.

Details of the Book and Prints: This deluxe edition includes two volumes: the monograph that contains 110 unsigned tritone prints and the platinum print volume that contains twelve signed platinum prints. In addition to the two volumes, there is a portfolio of three stand-alone signed silver gelatin prints. The two volumes and portfolio are housed in a custom built cedar box. Crissy Welzen designed the books and Art Larson printed the text that accompanies the platinum prints. Mark Tomlinson bound the edition and the cedar boxes were designed and made by Christopher Lenaerts.

Measuring 12.5” x 12.5”, both volumes contain texts by John Wood.  “A Guide to the Art of Yamamoto Masao” opens the monograph and “Five Whirling Head Waka for Yamamoto Masao,” a Japanese style poem in homage to Mr. Yamamoto and five of his works, opens the deluxe volume which is signed in Kanji by Yamamoto Masao and numbered XXIV on the limitation page.

From the publisher, “Yamamoto Masao is a celebration of the work of a Japanese master whose photographs reflect centuries of aesthetic tradition and encapsulates the essence of Zen.”  The Robert Koch Gallery wrote, “Masao Yamamoto is inspired by the Japanese philosophy of Zen and the belief that meditation and the pursuit of beauty play an essential role in the development of human beings.  Yamamoto’s philosophical and spiritual roots contribute to his distinctive photographic style, in which the ordinary is revealed as something extraordinary. Masao Yamamoto’s photographs are included in the collections of the Victoria & Albert Museum, London; the Philadelphia Museum of Art; the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; and International Center of Photography, New York, among others.  His other monographs include Fujsan, é, Omizuao, Nakazora, and A Box of Ku.”

The books, wooden box, and prints are in MINT condition.