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Escape Velocity by Mark Dery, Unique Exhibition Binding by Scott Kellar



Escape Velocity: Cyber Culture at the End of the Century by Mark Dery

Unique Exhibition Binding by Scott Kellar

First Edition Published by Free Press, New York in 1993

FINE Condition

Binding Details:  Escape Velocity is a unique fine binding designed and executed by Scott Kellar in 2003. The binding is laced into boards and bound in full grey Harmatan goatskin leather with leather onlays, blind tooling and silver foil. There are black Fabriano endsheets with hand sewn red silk endbands and black burnished edges. Scott Kellar has included the tooling tissue used for the design. The book is housed in a custom made cloth covered clamshell box with a leather label containing the title and authors name in gilt.

The binding was selected for inclusion in the 2003-2005 Guild of Bookworkers Triennial Exhibition entitled, “In Flight” which was staged at numerous venues throughout the United States during a two year period.

A copy of the catalogue for the exhibition will accompany the book along with Scott Kellar’s signed artist statement for “Escape Velocity”.

The book measures 9” x 6” x 1.5”

Book Details:Published in 1996 by Grove Press, New York, Escape Velocity is one of the best books ever written on the high-tech subcultures that have emerged in the Information Age. The following are the New York Times reviews of the book:

“There’s no denying that Mr. Dery is an indefatigable reporter who has put together a lively compendium of dispatches from the far reaches of today’s computer-savvy avant-garde. He knows as much about cyberpunk science fiction as he does about cybersex bulletin boards, and he can quote Teilhard de Chardin and Tattoo Flash magazine to equal effect. If you have never heard of Shinya Tsukamoto’s cult movie ”Tetsuo: The Iron Man”—which Mr. Dery describes as ”a descent into a maelstrom of body loathing, cyborg fantasies, mechano-eroticism, information anxiety, agoraphobia, castration complexes and fear of phallic mothers”—then this book is your ideal guide to the cultural complexities of the computer age.” — Gerald Jonas, The New York Times

“Dery writes with considerable knowledge and authority about these bizarre subcultures, using the critical theories of Bataille, Foucault, and Baudrillard (not to mention McLuhan) to situate them in context with other developments in our postmodern culture. His writing, however, is happily, sometimes even exuberantly nonpedantic. In fact, he manages to give the lay reader a lively and informative tour through the darker recesses of cyberculture, navigating its jargon-filled byways with an observant eye and a healthy skepticism regarding its messianic message.” — Michiko Kakutani, The New York Times Book Review

Artist Statement: This binding began as a phrase materializing in my mind. The exhibit was called ‘In Flight’ and binders were to bind a book related to the broad theme. As I pondered I suddenly said ‘escape velocity!’ Liking the sound of it, I found a book with that title, and read it. The book turned out to be worthy of the phrase so I bound it. The author examines the yearning that many people have, and have had, to escape the boundaries of the physical, be it through metaphysics, technology or even chemical therapy. My design is intended to give imagery to that craving.

About the Artist: A master of traditional fine bookbinding, Scott Kellar has been working intimately with books for over 40 years. Introduced to bookbinding as a hobby in 1972, his commitment to the craft was immediate. While pursuing a career in book conservation, Scott’s love of books expanded into the realm of design binding, where the art of the binder becomes integral to the book, adding yet another layer of imagery and interpretation to the work of the author. As a result, his artistic works have been featured in book art exhibition venues local, national and international. Awards won include the ‘Coup De Coeur’ award at the Biennale Mondiale de la Reliure D’Art, The Society of Bookbinders Award for Forwarding and the Fine Binding J. Hewit & Sons Ltd. Award. His studio in located in Chicago where he also teaches to share both his skills and vision.

Condition Report: The binding and clamshell box are in FINE condition.

Photographs of the binding, the clamshell box, and the catalogue mentioned in the listing appear in the photo section of the listing.