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Greg Gorman: The Odes of Pindar, 11 Signed Platinum Prints, 4 of 53



The Odes of Pindar by Greg Gorman

21st Editions, 2007, Signed Limited Edition, 4 of 53

Features 10 Signed Original Hand Printed Platinum Prints and One Signed Free-standing Platinum Print

Pristine Condition in Publisher’s Original Wood Shipping Case

History: In 2007, fine press photography book publisher 21ST Editions released The Odes of Pindar. Limited to 53 copies worldwide, the hand-bound collection contains 11 original platinum prints (ten bound and one free-standing platinum print that is suitable for framing). Each print is fully signed by Greg Gorman with the free standing photograph entitled “Scott in Waterfall, Cabo San Lucas” also signed in full on the rectro. This copy, 4 of 53, was presented to Lance Speer (21ST Editions Contributing Editor and Director of Marketing) upon completion of the project.

Details of the Book and Prints:

John Woods in his introduction to the book does a masterful job describing the marriage of Gorman’s photographs with Pindar’s poetry, “No other photographer's work could better complement the poetry of Pindar, the greatest lyric poet of ancient Greece, than Greg Gorman's. Pindar and Gorman are both classicists, and their subject is physical beauty....Pindar presented us the classical world of male beauty within the context of its great games, those Olympian, Pythian, Nemean, and Isthmian athletic festivals, which in ancient times were performed in the nude....Gorman's art recreates a similar Pindaric world of classical beauty. He, a poet of the camera, is like the poets Pindar described in Isthmian 2 who ascended the chariot of the golden-crowned Muses, took up the glorious lyre, quickly shooting from their bows sweet-voiced songs at handsome boys, having the summer bloom of youth that enchants.” From the Publisher, “The Odes of Pindar, printed in letterpress and in a brilliant new translation by classical scholar Scott Goins, is accompanied by 11 platinum prints of Greg Gorman’s classic male nudes, each signed by him on the verso. Pindar, the greatest lyric poet of ancient Greece, celebrated athletic prowess and male beauty within the context of the Olympic games. Gorman is photography’s leading classicist, and the work of no other living artist could better complement Pindar’s poetry. Gorman makes light itself sculpt muscle, tendon, and bone as a Greek sculptor would have carved marble. Timeless beauty is both his and Pindar’s subject. The handmade papers and foils of the unique binding suggest both the humble terra cottas and the elite shimmering golds of classic Greek aesthetics.”

Each signed and numbered copy of The Odes of Pindar is hand-bound and printed in letterpress on handmade cotton rag paper. This gorgeous handmade volume is housed in a custom clamshell box and measures approximately 20” x 16”. The free-standing platinum print is housed in a folded, letterpress printed presentation folder. The book is signed by Greg Gorman, John Wood, and the publisher, Stephen Albahari. A Letter of Provenance from Lance Speer is included.

The book and prints are in PRISTINE condition still in the original publisher’s wooden shipping case.

Photographs of book, the free standing platinum print, a stock photograph of the wood shipping case and several examples of the platinum prints contained in the book appear in the photo section of the listing.