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Su Blackwell -The Illustrated Book of Birds, Unique Book Sculpture




Su Blackwell


The Illustrated Book of Birds, 2008


Altered Book-Cut Sculpture Installation

Sculpture Details

The Birds and illustrations are cut out of the book itself, an ornithology book found in a second-hand bookshop, with the same title. It is displayed in a wood case, with glass front, and painted pale blue inside.


The sculpture case measures approximately 18” High, 9.5” Deep, 12” Wide

About the Artist

Su Blackwell is a London-based artist who produces remarkable book sculptures, stage settings, and major art installations. She is most well known for her three-dimensional dioramas and cut-out illustrations. By reworking the physical pages of books, cutting and pasting them together, the artist designs enchanting miniature installations atop a laid open-faced book. She assembles each piece entirely out of books, occasionally encasing the sculptures in wooden display boxes or glass domes to add an interesting effect. Her work has been exhibited extensively and she is a driving force in the world of book sculptures.

Additional Images

Photographs of the sculpture in and out of the case appear in the photo section of the listing.