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The Price by Arthur Miller, Art by Stan Washburn, Arion Press Limited Edition



The Price by Arthur Miller

Illustrated with Eight Drawings by Stan Washburn

Arion Press, 1999, Signed Limited Edition, 277 of 300

Signed by Arthur Miller and Stan Washburn

MINT Condition – Still in the Publisher’s Original Packaging

This is a limited edition of “The Price” published by the Arion Press in 1999 with a limitation of 300 with this being number 277. From the publisher, “The Price is one of the finest plays by the American dramatist Arthur Miller. Written in 1967 and set one year later, it retains its relevance today, as evidenced by the highly praised revival on Broadway opening in November 1999. The drama depicts a family betrayal played out by two brothers who came to adulthood during the Depression and chose very different careers. They now come together after sixteen years estrangement upon the need to clear a Manhattan brownstone full of family furniture. Long-held rivalries, resentments, and delusions surface when the two middle-aged protagonists meet amidst surroundings that prompt painful memories, most especially of a father who became immobilized after losing his wealth in the Crash of 1929. As they confront each other and negotiate with an elderly dealer in second-hand goods, the viewer—and reader— understands that the price takes on a meaning more profound than just what can be gotten for the furniture. The play is not all dismal, however, for Miller has written a great comic figure in the character of the 89-year-old furniture dealer, Gregory Solomon, a wise man who is both scoundrel and saint. Artist Stan Washburn has added illustrations that depict a set for the play, following the playwright's directions that the room be progressively seen. In eight drawings Washburn scans an attic piled with furniture and gives the reader views, shifting from stage left to right, of various distinct pieces that form a contiguous series observed in the shifting perspective of the stage flooring.”

The book measures 10” x 7” with 112 numbered pages and 16 unnumbered pages for the illustrations. The type is Goudy Old Style 12 point, composed in Monotype, and printed by letterpress. The paper is German mouldmade ivory Zerkall. The illustrations were printed in duo-tone offset lithography by Phelps-Schaefer Litho-Graphics Company. The binding is full cloth in a golden-brown color with an additional illustration by Stan Washburn of a clock inset on the front cover; enclosed in a slipcase with cloth edges and paper sides.

The book is signed by Arthur Miller and Stan Washburn.

Accompanying the book is the original prospectus.

The book and slipcase are in MINT condition still in the publisher’s original packaging.

Stock publisher’s photographs of the book and an illustration from the book appear in the photo section of the listing.

About the Arion Press

Since its inception in 1974, the Arion Press has published 118 deluxe limited editions that are breathtaking in their scope and artistry. Combining notable literature illustrated with original artwork from prominent artists, Andrew Hoyem and his team at the Arion Press have carried on the tradition of the livre d’artiste in spectacular fashion. Michael Kimmelman of the New York Times put it best when he wrote, "The Arion Press produces some of the most beautiful limited-edition, hand printed books in the world."