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The Sword of Honour Trilogy by Evelyn Waugh, 1st Editions, Custom Bindings



The Sword of Honour Trilogy by Evelyn Waugh

True First Editions

Published by Chapman and Hall, London

Custom Full Leather Bindings in Matching Slipcase

FINE Condition

Binding Details:  Fine contemporary bindings in full dark blue morocco leather with elaborately gilt decorated spines and gilt ruling to the covers.  The top page edges are gold gilted. The books are housed in a felt lined blue cloth slipcase with a black ribbon tie-pull.

Collection Details:  These are true first editions of Evelyn Waugh’s critically acclaimed Sword of Honour published by Chapman and Hall, London that includes the following titles:

1952 – Men at Arms, First Edition

1955 – Officers and Gentlemen, First Edition

1961 – Unconditional Surrender, First Edition

“The Sword of Honour” trilogy is considered by many critics to be the finest novel series of the Second World War. Sir John Frank Kermode in his introduction to subsequent releases of the trilogy wrote, “This trilogy of novels about World War II, largely based on his own experiences as an army officer, is the crowning achievement of Evelyn Waugh's career. Its central character is Guy Crouchback, head of an ancient but decayed Catholic family, who at first discovers new purpose in the challenge to defend Christian values against Nazi barbarism, but then gradually finds the complexities and cruelties of war too much for him. Yet, though often somber, the Sword of Honour trilogy is also a brilliant comedy, peopled by the fantastic figures so familiar from Waugh's early satires. The deepest pleasures these novels afford come from observing a great satiric writer employ his gifts with extraordinary subtlety, delicacy, and human feeling, for purposes that are ultimately anything but satiric.”

The following are some of the critics reviews:

“[Men at Arms is] a highly entertaining novel. Waugh’s sharp wit and sure touch of satire are always at work.” –The Atlantic Monthly

“[Officers and Gentlemen is] deft and amusing, sober and appalling. And it offers, incidentally, one of the most graceful salutes of many seasons to the flexibility of the English language.” – The New York Times

“Wise, amusing, and beautifully written. And because Officers and Gentlemen verifies a deepening seriousness and charity in Mr. Waugh’s art, it extends and renews the promise of his brilliance.”–Commonwealth

“Unconditional Surrender [is] hypnotically readable . . . The complete work now clearly emerges as Mr. Waugh’s main achievement to date, and the one piece of English fiction about [World War II] which is certain to survive.” –Times Literary Supplement

“Sword of Honour” was the climax of [Waugh’s] career as a novelist . . . Here in his final work there run together the two styles, of mischief and gravity, that can be noted in his writing from the beginning . . . He may justifiably have thought of it as crowning his work.” – Sir John Frank Kermode

Each book measures 7.5” x 5.75”

Condition Report:  The bindings are in FINE condition with very minimal surface wear. Internally, the books are very clean. The slipcase is in FINE condition.

Photographs of the bindings and slipcase appear in the photo section of the listing.